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012. otome gamer

Believe it or not I'm here updating this soon. To be honest, this time I have something important to tell so that's totally the reason why I'm here and not waiting for like 2 months to pass. Anyway into the news...

I don't know if it's just me or what, but lately I've feel like time passes too fast. Sometimes I just can't believe that it's already this time of the year... yes! overskill's second birthday~

As you can see, overskill got a new layout to celebrate that now it's two years old! I'm really excited (and already paid for the domain for at least one more year) to see this domain reach already the two years mark. This domain is something really important to me, a world full of possibilities so I hope I'll manage to keep working on it for a long time... And well, I proudly present you the sixth version of overskill featuring Hijikata Toshizo from Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan ♥

I think that's for now, a complete update about fanlistings and other sites (some big -kind of- revamp what I'm working on) are next!
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011. open ranka!

As always it has been so long since the last update here (almost 4 months) so I'm sure this entry will end up a bit too long---or actually, full of little buttons. Anyway, I'm here to update you guys with what would be 4 months worth of work so keep reading!

➟ A few months ago, with Aku we created remixers a community focused on web-design! If you're interested please join us there~ We have a lot of activities that may help you!

➟ Overskill got new affiliates + a wonderful link exchange with rigelatin.net

➟ Uchuu has one new affiliate, Eden from vampire-grin.net

➟ The fanlistings for Katsuya Saeki and Kuchiha were revamped as participation for the First Remix Challenge over remixers

➟ The fanlisting for Yukimura Sanada was also revamped but this time as participation for the Second Remix Challenge over remixers

➟ Adoptions and Approvals linked below.

And that's all for now I think, I can't really remember is there anything I'm missing for this post! Oh well as always... for instant updates feel free to follow my network twitter account: @0GLove
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010. labyrinth of magic

Guess what guys! Just one more week and this update would be 3 months after the previous one wooo. As always, I've been really lazy with this updates journal but well, at least I update it... even if it takes me /months/ to do it. Anyway, beware of the huge ass entry that this one will be since in three months I managed to work in a lot of things, I FEEL KIND OF PRODUCTIVE /KICKED

First of all I would like to give some important news ♥! Somehow I managed to update two of my domains in the last couple of days...

overskill himeru

That's right! Both overskill and himeru have a new look! This is the 5th version of overskill feat. Judal from the awesome manga Magi ♥ After some time I got really tired of my previous layout (plus it was kind of hard to update... in some ways) so I decided to change it! This time is an one page layout, quite big and such but WELL, HOPEFULLY EVERYONE WILL LIKE IT! (and don't hate me /more/ for such a huge ass layout lol /kicked) As for himeru, after re-read the first chapter of Ootsuki Miu's Play Zone I got this flow of inspiration so I decided to just change it ♥ I really love her style and well, b&w always work~ ...

Other than that, I've been obviously working on fanlistings! In these three past months I've been lucky enough to get some real awesome subjects (well at least for me /kicked) so please visit them and join if you're a fellow fan!

asou kai cheren ino kurapika linah masato matryoshka montblanc otoko

Other than those fanlistings, I was able to revamp all the Starry Sky guys (Kazuki, Hayato, Iku, Miyaji) so each of them have a brand new layout and added (finally) those about pages!

And I think that's all for now ♥! I still have things to work on but I'm going to try to revamp uchuu this time, so if you haven't joined my KIM list I recommend you to do it now~ (And people who already sent me emails don't worry, I have them all).

That's all for now ♥
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009. paper planes

Not sure how to start this entry after nearly two months from the last one, but between school, fanlistings and a suprise from this same update I decided to just collect more things and make a big update. As always, follow my twitter account if you want faster updates! Since it's already the 27th in Japan, I want to present to everyone reading this the 2nd version of Paper Planes! With a brand new layout to celebrate Alto's birthday!
Some big changes to celebrate were done as follows:
  • New layout (pretty obvious) feat. the image of the illustration of the ost for the second movie: 劇場版マクロスF(フロンティア) ~サヨナラノツバサ~ Netabare Album The End of "Triangle"
  • Deleted all the old codes and made brand new ones, 15 for both 50x50 and 75x50 sizes.
  • Edited some sections, nothing big.
  • The gallery is still pending due a problem with brandwidth, hopefully I'll be able to add it soon (even if I need to search other host just for that)
I hope everyone will like the new layout and stuff, it was fun to work with the image and tried something different for him~ In other news, it seems this year is really full of surprises since I got approved for a bunch of awesome stuff as listed below. Some of them are adoptions and other approvals over the network, thank you very much everyone ♥e
And that's a bunch, I know. In domain related news:
  • Now long ago I opened a BL themed domain, present from the awesome Isa!
  • Overskill has now 5 new wonderful affiliates~ Angie from kuroi hoshi, Samantha from ghost lights, Delphine from kurikaeshi, Echo from electric butterfly and Vii from jinkaku!
  • Uchuu has now 13 affiliates! Remember to send me an email if you're interested~
And that's all for now~ see you in like two months! /kicked
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008. fighting spirit

It's been more than a month from my last update wow! If you don't feel like waiting for my lj updates feel free to follow my twitter account. I generally tweet right after I finish something~  Past month was awesome, I was lucky enough to adopt some great fanlistings (even a wishlister) so I think this update is going to be mostly fanlistings focused!


To be sincere I still can't believe it but Kellie former from windy-days.net let me adopt the Alto Saotome fanlisting! So now my shrine Paper Planes also houses the tafl approved fanlisting. Mitchii also was kind enough to let me adopt the fanlisting for the manga Faster than a Kiss, I really like this manga so I'm glad she let it under my care! Haigakura was adopted from the lovely Raine! I'm in love with Takayama's works so I'm still hyper about owning this fanlisting! At least but not less important, my good friend Alex offered to me two fanlistings for subjects that I really, REALLY love... the fanlisting for Sekaiichi Hatsukoi (a yaoi series) and Kagura (one of the protagonists from the serie Gintama!) as with Alto I still can't believe I adopted those fanlistings, I promise to do my best for them  ♥

I still have fanlistings to finish (adoptions & upcomings) and fanlistings to fix as well. I'm trying to wisely use my free time so hopefully everything will be done/fixed soon. Other things that are important and need to be mentioned:
  • uchuu.org has now 8 affiliates! If you want to affiliate just reply here or send me an email. I'll try to reply/add you as fast as I can~
  • I'm currently using tumblr as layout archive! Still need to upload a lot of screencaps but at least there's some content right now.
  • As I said before, I'm currently working in adoptions & upcomings but in a shrine as well~
And that's all for now I think!
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007. space obsession

Everyone following TAFL & TFL updates have already noticed how most of my fanlistings changed their homes! I proudly present my brand new domain dedicated 100% to my fanlistings and part of a project with thenyampi ... 

uchuu.org also know as the space network is partnered with Sumie's kuchuu.org (which will be online soon, stay tunned!) There you'll find all the fanlistings I own, co-own or have joined plus some other goodies like a wishlist and kimlist! I hope you guys will like it. The 1st version features Yukio Okumura, my favorite character from the manga (and now anime) Ao no Exorcist. If you want to join the kim list or affiliate remember to email me about it!
Now that my fanlisting collective is finally online, I'll try to focus on revamps, upcomings, adoptions and shrines... As always derp. Important things that need to be mentioned:
  • Raine from ashke.net & Demian from insomina were added as affilaites to overskill not long ago, welcome!
  • Overskill's domain, network & exits page were updated  with the new links and information.
  • Speaking of fanlistings, Tashigi's one got a new layout (much needed) I hope you guys will like it!
  • I'm currently working in adoptions and upcomings

And that's all for now, remember that I update my twitter as soon as I made something new or change anything, so if you don't want to wait for an lj entry feel free to follow it!
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006. wild dog

I'm here today to share such a good news with you guys! overkill.org will turn one year already this monday 7th! I won't be able to do anything domain related that day due college so that's why I'm uploading the new layout today!

MAIDEN - overskill.org V4.0 feat Naoto from DOGS: Bullets & Carnage

I hope you guys will like it! I tried something different this time (even if I'm still too attached to gray/black/white lol) but I really like the new layout at least for now. 8) I've changed a lot of stuff and added more text in most of the sections, also paper planes now is listed on the network page too! So in the end the changes are:
  • paper planes is listed under "network" page. I also added there silver.moon.nu (my main subdomain at bubble.nu) and my tcg page.
  • inspired by giorno 's layout archive I decided to use tumblr for it too. it's supposed to be temporary, but i'll see.
  • all the vocaloid music from the mixtape was deleted and now is full of macross songs, at least for now hahahah!
  • new siblings and links, also i added a bunch of links to awesome domains, check them up!
  • changed my "future projects" section, now it only list the ones i'm working on slowly. at the same time i've added some "maybe" projects.
That's fo now I think! I'm still working on fanlistings and hime's gallery so hopefully i'll update soon again orz
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005. what lays before us was nothing but the passing wind

I think by now everyone knows about this "secret" project of mine that has been in the works for like half a year, specially the ones that follow giorno 's works since she already released brave song. ANYWAY, I proudly present....

Paper Planes
is a shrine dedicated to Macross Frontier's protagonist Alto Saotome. There's still pending sections (like the movie/media ones) since I still need to finish taking screencaps or wait to the second movie to come out, but when it comes to writting content, most of it is already done so it can be "released" already. I've been working on this for half a year with giorno and tried my best to open it today 02/20 (japanese time) since it's Youkyan's birthday, who's actually Alto's seiyuu! ~ 
Said that, I hope you'll enjoy it, this is my first finished shrine and I can't thank enough giorno for all her help... without her I wouldn't be able to finish it or have the guts to put it online xD

I think that's all by now, expect some updates soon since with thenyampi we're working in a new layout for deathly-flower.net and I'm working in a big update for overskill.org!
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With giorno  's encouragement I managed to finish one fanlisting before next year! I proudly present EASTERN WINDS, the approved fanlisting for Ieyasu Tokugawa from the game Sengoku Basara 3!  ♥ I'm kind of proud with this layout since I worked a lot on it, I hope you guys will like it~

In the topic of adoptions, there are some still left so if you want one of them now is the oportunity since if I close them you'll need to deal with the staffers later to be approved! The only one that's pending is Teito since I already have some applications btw.

I think that's for now, thank you very much to everyone who reads this journal, even if it's to keep an eye on me! Happy new year to everyone!!!!!
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003. Universal Bunny

So a month passed again, I need to really update this place oftern lol. Remember to follow my updates twitter if you want to be up to date!

I managed to adopt/close some fanlistings from the previous list, but there's some that really need a new home, please send us applications :(!
  1. Teito Klein 
  2. Sen/Chihiro Ogino
  3. Hagane no Renkinjutsushi: Elric, Edward vs. Roy Mustang
  4. x-men [+] Female Characters
  5. Shinra Kishitani
  6. Soulcalibur - Chai, Xianghua

In other news, I finished the Lynn Minmay fanlisting! If you're a fan of her please consider join us! I'm accepting Macross and Mecha related fanlistings as affiliates so feel free to ask if you own one of them.

That's for now, I need to work on my domain and other stuff, have a nice month and holiday's season everyone! ♥