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011. open ranka!

As always it has been so long since the last update here (almost 4 months) so I'm sure this entry will end up a bit too long---or actually, full of little buttons. Anyway, I'm here to update you guys with what would be 4 months worth of work so keep reading!

➟ A few months ago, with Aku we created remixers a community focused on web-design! If you're interested please join us there~ We have a lot of activities that may help you!

➟ Overskill got new affiliates + a wonderful link exchange with rigelatin.net

➟ Uchuu has one new affiliate, Eden from vampire-grin.net

➟ The fanlistings for Katsuya Saeki and Kuchiha were revamped as participation for the First Remix Challenge over remixers

➟ The fanlisting for Yukimura Sanada was also revamped but this time as participation for the Second Remix Challenge over remixers

➟ Adoptions and Approvals linked below.

And that's all for now I think, I can't really remember is there anything I'm missing for this post! Oh well as always... for instant updates feel free to follow my network twitter account: @0GLove
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