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19 October 2011 @ 05:53 pm
Guess what guys! Just one more week and this update would be 3 months after the previous one wooo. As always, I've been really lazy with this updates journal but well, at least I update it... even if it takes me /months/ to do it. Anyway, beware of the huge ass entry that this one will be since in three months I managed to work in a lot of things, I FEEL KIND OF PRODUCTIVE /KICKED

First of all I would like to give some important news ♥! Somehow I managed to update two of my domains in the last couple of days...

overskill himeru

That's right! Both overskill and himeru have a new look! This is the 5th version of overskill feat. Judal from the awesome manga Magi ♥ After some time I got really tired of my previous layout (plus it was kind of hard to update... in some ways) so I decided to change it! This time is an one page layout, quite big and such but WELL, HOPEFULLY EVERYONE WILL LIKE IT! (and don't hate me /more/ for such a huge ass layout lol /kicked) As for himeru, after re-read the first chapter of Ootsuki Miu's Play Zone I got this flow of inspiration so I decided to just change it ♥ I really love her style and well, b&w always work~ ...

Other than that, I've been obviously working on fanlistings! In these three past months I've been lucky enough to get some real awesome subjects (well at least for me /kicked) so please visit them and join if you're a fellow fan!

asou kai cheren ino kurapika linah masato matryoshka montblanc otoko

Other than those fanlistings, I was able to revamp all the Starry Sky guys (Kazuki, Hayato, Iku, Miyaji) so each of them have a brand new layout and added (finally) those about pages!

And I think that's all for now ♥! I still have things to work on but I'm going to try to revamp uchuu this time, so if you haven't joined my KIM list I recommend you to do it now~ (And people who already sent me emails don't worry, I have them all).

That's all for now ♥